Rogue plays with a big pink dildo! Since Rogue.s mutant powers let her absorb the powers of anybody she touches with her bare skin, she has few choices when it comes down to having sex, unless she wraps herself up in a giant condom! Professor Sex has created a special sex toy for her, a big pink dildo that combines the cocks of all the X-Men so she can fuck herself very hard with it an experience the hottest orgasms!

She has finally gained conscious control of her power to absorb the thoughts, abilities and memories of others through physical contact.

Hardcore sucking, fucking and what not, going on 24 hours a day, with world famous superheroes you love and worship! Leandro is famous for his unique blend of stylish, skilful artwork and sex scenes wild enough to set your crotch ablaze. Check out familiar plots taking all-new sexy twists!

Rogue with sextoys - X-men
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